Refund Policy:
– We have prepared this Refund Policy to explain when you can request a refund with respect to products and services acquired from Hosting-box or through us from our partners and/or affiliates (collectively “Services”).

General Terms:
– Apply to all refund eligible Services. In addition, there may be special term(s) that apply to a specific product and/or service and those are outlined below.

  • Service(s) must be cancelled before we can issue a refund.
  • All refunds are processed in U.S. dollars: you, the customer, bear sole responsibility for any fluctuations in the exchange rate(s) between the time of payment and the time of refund.
  • Payments are refunded same way the payment was made

Web Hosting

  • Unless this Refund Policy specifically provides for a refund, all fees for Web Hosting and related Service(s) are refundable within 14 days.
  • No refunds are available for the following:
    • Any additional features, services or upgrades added to your Web Hosting package and purchased at additional fee;
    • Any fees related to domain name registrations associated with your Web Hosting package;

Refund Requests

If you think you are eligible for a refund, please contact us via ticket or email. You must include the following information in your request:

  • Why you are asking for a refund;
  • Transaction identifying information (e.g. account username, support pin, transaction number, domain name, date of purchase); and
  • Any additional information the Customer Service team asks for in order to process your refund request.


If you have questions about our Refund Policy, you can contact Hosting-box at

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